Home Visits

What is a home visit?

A home visit is a fantastic opportunity for your child’s key person to visit you and them in their own home. It is a lovely way to begin forming that long lasting relationship between you, your child and the nursery. It is the beginning of sharing information and building secure attachments.

When you choose Kirkgate Childcare for your child, we not only welcome and embrace your child but you as a family. We endeavour to work as closely as possible with you throughout your child’s education from the very beginning of their nursery experience, as you know your child best.

What are the benefits of home visits?

There are many great benefits to home visits, research suggests parents and children often feel more relaxed in their home environment. It is a good time for parents to talk openly with their child’s key person. Home visits help to develop trust, good communication and a strong relationship between families and practitioners which is extremely important to us.

Home visits help practitioners gain knowledge regarding different family cultures and practices as we recognise and value that all families are different at Kirkgate Childcare. Home visits support the families transition into nursery, when parents and children are feeling a little anxious about their first day; they have a member of staff that they are familiar with to support them from the very start.

What is the process of our Home Visits?

Once you have secured a place with us, we will arrange a home visit at a mutually convenient time. We would prefer to visit at a time when your child will be more willing to engage with us. It is always good to avoid your child’s sleep/rest/meal times. Your child’s key person and another member of staff will visit the family home to talk with you and your child. The practitioners will bring our nursery home visit basket for your child to play with or we can play with toys familiar to your child if they wish. Your child’s Key Person will interact and start to create a bond with your child. We aim to send the paperwork prior to the home visit via email and can go through this if needed.

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