Allotment Trip

his morning we headed off on our regular allotment visit – the children discussed between them along the way what they thought might be growing this week, would it be carrots, onions, radishes, beans? We took our usual route and the children said hello to people we regularly see in their gardens and spoke about what they noticed in the environment – numbers, shapes, guessing how many police cars might be parked at the station or discussing if we would we see any trains today.

Once we arrived at the allotment and entered through the gate as always the children were given a little freedom to explore without having to hold hands – some of the children are already understanding how far they are allowed to go in front telling the others “don’t go too far, we have to keep safe

”We arrived at our plot and the children were extremely excited to see their carrots and radishes had started growing (we could only slightly see them coming through the soil last week) but this week they were much bigger along with some of “Mr Geoffs onions”

The children looked after their growing produce by watering them (a bit too much) and removing any big stones they could see.

Before heading back to nursery we collected some dandelions for Mr Trotts the 🐢 who will be visiting us at nursery soon. We were really proud of how sensible all the children were

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