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What a fantastic couple of weeks we have had at Kirkgate Childcare – the children have shown lots of interest in role playing different occupations, so we embraced this by carrying out lots of activities to enhance the children’s learning and we have been lucky enough to welcome people from different occupations into our setting to meet the children and speak about their different roles…. these have included the RAF, Dentist, Police and the Fire Service….. What an amazing last term for all the children.
The children have learnt all about the RAF and different planes, created planes using Duplo, listened to the dentist talk about how we care for our teeth, how many teeth we have and what happens if we don’t brush properly, we have listened to a policeman talk about keeping ourselves safe, what the magic number is to contact the police and what they do in the local community aswell as seeing the police cars flashing lights and sirens.
Yesterday the fire service came to visit and we learnt about different roles and what the different seats in the fire engine mean, what the magic number is to contact the fire service, we felt how heavy the equipment is, sat in the fire engine, talked to the fire fighters over the radio, tried on helmets, viewed our world through a thermal imaging camera and the most exciting part using the hose to move the cones.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents that have been involved in these amazing opportunities for the children from bringing children up to see the different people on their days off, to talking to the children about their occupations and taking some amazing photos.
Special thanks to the RAF, Police, Fire Service and Dentist for giving our children some amazing memories


Photo credits to for the fire engine photos, Many thanks from the Kirkgate Childcare Team


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