Another Amazing Week

Lots of lovely play based learning this week for our AMAZING little learners ❤️
🎨Learning to mix colours with powder paints:
The children used spoons to carefully measure out powder paints and pipettes to add water to the colours. They explored what happened to the colours when lots of different one were mixed together and predicted what colour would be made when shown how to mix two colours to create a new colour!
This really was all about the process and not the end result as none of the children created a picture with the paints they mixed!
The children showed high levels of focus throughout the activity!
One child was amazed by her shadow on the wall, with some help to draw around the shadow, she then experimented to see if she could get her shadow to fit back into the outline that was created.
The children observed their shadows noticing that they could make them shorter, longer and that shadows are longer than people.
Some children created partner shadows and others experimented with positioning themselves in different ways in order to observe what happened to their shadows.
One child was excited when she noticed when she jumped her shadow jumped.
The children and staff spoke about what they need to create a shadow, why we can’t always see our shadows and what else creates a shadow on our garden.
📸Using the camera:
With all the developments in technology it not a surprise that children like to take photos! This afternoon some children became budding photographers and independently used the iPad to take photos – I’m sure you will agree the photos are amazing (we loved one so much we changed it to black and white) but the photos are all the children’s work.
Photography for children can develop their learning across the curriculum and enable them to build an understanding of themselves, others and the world around them.
We’ve used the numicon this week to look at the regular arrangement of numbers, do simple sums, create a number line and create a numicon town.
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