Coming to a home near you…………. The Everywhere Bear

Everywhere Bear………..
Have you met our Everywhere Bear yet? he will be making an appearance at every child’s house over the year to spend a week with them making memories and going on any family adventures if you wish.
He has already visited some children’s houses and enjoyed lots of wonderful adventures from visiting the library to find out more about his culture, going to the cinema, shopping, visiting the seaside, the garden centre and attending a ninja tots class.
The Everywhere Bear will choose whose house he is going to on a Tuesday morning during our little voices session and then will be returned to nursery on a Monday or Tuesday morning to go on his next adventure. (The day will change so that any children not attending on a Tuesday get to take him home)
The Everywhere Bear is a link between nursery and home, it allows us to get a glimpse of what you’re children enjoy doing outside of nursery and we can enhance anything they do at home in setting.
We wanted to teach the children about communities and cultures wider than our own in a child friendly way, so we decided that the Everywhere Bear would be a Hindu. Teaching children about different cultures helps them build a broader understanding and enables them to engage with the world around them.
One of our lovely parents has made some wonderful traditional outfits for the Everywhere Bear and so far he has been a huge success.
He will come with a learning journal, some changes of outfit, nappies, toothbrush, some information of festivals he celebrates and some books.
Thank you to all the children and parents that have embraced the idea and taken him on your adventures.
Please don’t feel like you have to take the Everywhere Bear on elaborate adventures, he just wants to spend time with your family – if you would like to let us know about his adventures please send a brief description and some photos to our parent partnership email address and we will print them for his learning journal.
The Everywhere Bear can even help with toilet training, new transitions, additions to the family etc as we can change his books and accessories to fit in with invidual children’s needs

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