Enhancing Learning – Visiting The Orchard

To fit in with the childrens interest in exploring fruit today we visited the orchard, armed with our new gardening kits we walked to the Orchard listening to different sounds in the environment and ticking off what we could see and hear on our tick sheets.
Once at the orchard the children had a good look round describing what they could see…… we found rhubarb on this visit and the children investigated using their magnifying glasses to get a closer look at the big leaves and the rhubarb itself.
The children then explored further and found lots of ladybirds, we were able to see them close up using the magnifying glasses, taking in the colour, how many spots each ladybird had and realising the magnifying glass made them look alot bigger than they actually were.
We looked for birds using our binoculars and measured the trees using our tape measures
Back at nursery we discussed what we saw together….. what a wonderful morning we have had and all taken from the childrens interests.

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