Learning through play at its best

What a busy week we have had at Kirkgate Childcare…..Just how we like it!!
The children have engaged in lots of wonderful learning opportunities and mastered some of their FLAGS (following learning achieving goals)

We have spent the week settling in our new children, spent time in the garden experimenting with different ways of moving and exploring ice, we have been using technology for a purpose – making our own name labels with a label maker and using the laminator, We’ve been taking risks and learning to keep ourselves safe when balancing, playing imaginatively with loose part, using the wooden bricks to make some brilliant constructions and supporting some of our children with toilet training.

We’ve also enjoyed our weekly visit to Hilltop Care Home for our voices together session – big thanks to our parent helpers.

We’ve had lots of fun but what have the children learnt through their play?

“I am learning to jump off an object and land appropriately”
“I am learning to move confidently in a range of ways
“I am learning to make choices about who I play with”
“I am learning to tell someone when I need the toilet”
“I am learning to join in rhythmically with songs and rhymes”
“I am learning to select and use appropriate technology”

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