Letters and sounds

Over the last couple of weeks some of our children have shown lots of interest in letters and sounds, we have followed this interest and have been looking at initial letters and sounds in words such as our names using a variety of exciting and fun activities from our tune into listening CD’s, practicing creating recognisable letters in salt trays, using peg cards and learning some phonics songs.
Today we extended the children’s learning and followed their FLAG’s by going on a walk to the library, along the way we listened to sounds in our local environment and asked the children if they were able to identify what they could hear (the ability to discriminate between sounds is central to early language development and is a vital skill that underpins good phonological awareness).
The children pointed out street and shop signs showing us some of the letters we have been learning at nursery and amazed us by identifying some new letters.
At the library the children shared books independently, with each other or with an adult and were very busy pointing out different letters and practicing sounds.
As many of our parents know we take children on meaningful outings that support their FLAG’s and enhance their learning so this week we have also enjoyed the memory café at the old girls school and a group of children will be visiting Hilltop Manor tomorrow morning.
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