Little Cooks

Today the children headed over to the Old Girls School with Dawn, Sarah and Holly for week two of Little Cooks with Ashley.

This week they made fruit kebabs and apple ring donuts 🍎🍩🍡🍢

Just like last week Ashley spoke to the children about what they would be making and showed them a wide variety of different fruits, some of which the children had tried before and some were new tastes.

The children used different small kitchen equipment to chop, slice and core the fruits then began to assemble their kebabs.

The children were very excited to show everyone what they had made and enjoyed the apple ring donuts at snack time.

During together time we asked some of the children what they would like to say to Ashley and this is their voice:

M – Ashley is very good at cooking – I think he will be good at making sausage and chips with batter

G – Mr Ashley is funny – I want to be a chef when I’m big and I need 1 million lessons from “Mr Funny Ashley”

E – He’s very nice and funny

B – I want to cook with Ashley everyday, he’s a good cooker

E – donuts, I like donuts Some of the children would like Ashley to cook their tea everyday!

Once again, thank you Ashley the children really enjoyed it.

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