Little Cooks with Ashley

Today was our first little cooks lesson – the children went over to The Old Girls School where they were introduced to Ashley and learnt to make sushi 🍣

Ashley is from a Chef background and is a scout leader within the local community, he also runs a very popular Facebook page called “kitchen cupboard cookbook” we are very lucky to have him teaching the children some valuable life skills. First Ashley showed the children the ingredients and asked if they knew what any of them were – the children did really well at naming the foods and talking to Ashley about what they have and haven’t tried before.

They then watched and listened with interest as Ashley talked about and demonstrated what they would be making

.Next it was the children’s turn….. We started by cutting up some peppers, avocado, cucumber and shredding some crab sticks.

Then they each laid out a Nori sheet onto a bamboo mat and then placed some sushi rice on top. With damp fingers they patted the rice down leaving an edge clear. This was followed by adding the sushi fillings, with a little help from Ashley they rolled the nori sheet in the bamboo mat ensuring to squeeze it tightly to stop the fillings falling out. They removed the bamboo mat and then Ashley sliced them using his chef knife.

The children were extremely excited for the next part of the activity – tasting what they had made and they all agreed it was delicious sushi

Thank you for a lovely cooking lesson Ashley see you again next week. We will put the recipe card on our page so you can try it at home because It’s never too early to get children helping out in the kitchen.Our full BLOG post about little cooks can be found on our website can also follow Ashley on his popular Facebook Page

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