Making predictions and testing ideas

One of our amazing children arrived at nursery and had a BIG question for Holly.
“How tall are you Holly?” 5ft 7in Holly responded
“I think that is 19 trains long Kim” the child replied.
The child quickly set to work connecting the wooden trains and when one of his friends arrived, he told them “I think Holly is 19 trains long, do you want to help?”
They worked together to connect the trains and once they had 19 trains connected they asked Holly to lay down next to them to see if they were right.
Their prediction was very close, they had to add a few extra trains once Holly was laying down…….. Holly is as tall as 23 trains!!
Next the children used a tape measure with the help of an adult to check how may centimetres the train measured.
#testingideas #makingpredictions #mathematics


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