Meaningful Technology

How we use technology in a meaningful and purposeful way………..

You may think that we are totally technology free at Kirkgate Childcare…… and you would be right in the sense that we don’t have the traditional iPads or smart boards in the setting, we believe children have enough access to screens such as tablets, mobile phones and televisions outside of nursery. We believe in free-flow play and learning, we understand that children need to feel mud in their fingers and paint with real paint rather than painting on screens or viewing the world through a television screen.

Children are naturally curious little people and will explore technology on a variety of levels – not only how it works but the part technology plays in the world in which we live.

The technology we use provides children with an additional resource to support learning, from literacy and maths to art, design and imaginative play.

We use CD players to support our children’s love of music and movement, label makers to create our name badges for the nursing home and memory café, the laminator to create our peg and bottle tags giving children a sense of belonging, children are supported in using the laptop to retrieve answers to their questions – recently one of our children accessed the laptop to find out “why a spider monkey is called a spider monkey” and we have looked at volcanos following a child’s interest from home. We use cameras to take photos which helps children to view the world from their own perception and use technology out and about in the local community. The children embrace technology in a meaningful and positive way.


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