MedicAlert Awareness

In nursery we have children with allergies to certain foods, we have one child who has severe allergies to various foods and reactions can range from rashes and hives to the most serious of reactions anaphylaxis and the need to administer an Epi-Pen.
August is National MedicAlert Awareness Month so with this in mind we thought we would share the universal Medic Alert Symbol! As a charity, MedicAlert supports people with medical conditions and allergies, keeping them safe in emergency situations, by providing the full medical ID service and custom-made medical ID jewellery.
In an emergency situation, a medical ID bracelet can mean the difference between life and death. These bracelets provide vital health information and help to warn medical professionals and emergency responders that the person is prone to seizures, have a serious chronic illness, what allergies someone may have or other critical medical information.
MedicAlert is more than a bracelet, it is a support network!! If you notice anyone wearing a medical ID bracelet please be mindful that they may have a chronic illness, allergy or be prone to seizures.
We do a lot of work with the children at Kirkgate Childcare surrounding allergies in a fun way, enabling the children to understand their allergies and the other children’s. The children are very aware of how to keep each other safe.
If you live with severe allergies or have a loved one who does, visit #MedicAlert for further information on how they can keep you safe:

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