Mini First Aid

Today some of the children attended their Mini First Aid class with Michele from Mini First Aid Leeds, Harrogate & Wetherby and I must say they were so well behaved, answered questions politely and listened with interest to Michele as she spoke – they are a real credit to us as a setting and you as parents ❤️

A little bit of information about Mini First Aid

Mini First Aid Early Years is a 30 minute class designed to introduce our pre-school children to all important first aid skills.

Mini First Aid classes are interactive and are aimed at helping little ones understand what to do if someone is hurt, how to treat bleeding, why we need cold pads if someone hurts themselves and why it’s important to lie on our side if we are poorly.

During the class the children helped look after a visiting teddy bear, learn the ‘special number’ to call when someone is poorly as well as practicing to call using pretend phones.

The children were encouraged to practice their home address in case they ever need to call for help.

The children then listened to a story; children learnt all about an accident prone little boy in the Mini Adventures of Freddie and the book is available to purchase for use with your children – if you would like to purchase a book please let us know and we can place an order with Michele.

The session finished with certificates and stickers. The children had lots to say about the session here is their voice:

A – I was loving the story.

M – I liked shouting HELP, I think everyone heard us.

E – The teddy was poorly, that was sad but now it’s better.

Av – I’ve learnt to lay on my side so I don’t get floppy bones.

Am – The stickers were the best we looked like the teddy and Michele.

A – I know I can ring 999 but I hope they answer, they didn’t answer when I rang.

J – My teddy was so poorly but now he’s better.

M – I can phone 999 but only in an emergency.

B – I got a certificate – Mummy will be so proud

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