Potion Making

Today one of the children brought some bath bombs they had made at home into nursery….. This caused lots of excitement as the children figured out what they were and what they could do with them.
The children decided to put them in the water tray and it create lots of questions and comments
“what are they made of?”
“why are they fizzing?”
“why has the water changed colour?”
“are they real bombs?”
“i have them in the bath at home”
Once the children had explored the bath bombs in the water they decided to explore nature outside and begun to make potions……….. what potions are you making? “im making bath bomb potion”
The children used scissors to cut the herbs and rocks to squash them up they took in the different scents, added flowers and noticed the colours, then came another experiment as they changed the texture using mud and one child added wood chippings to dry it up…… Lots of learning taking place all in the lovely sunshine

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