Ready for school

A little message from us about school readiness!

I know some of you may be worried about your child not attending nursery right now and wondering whether they are going to be ready for school in September.

During this time at home you may be frantically trying to play teacher whilst looking after other children in the home, or working and trying to concentrate on teaching children their names and numbers just so they are ready for school.

Everything is changing so much right now, please be rest assured that the teachers in school will be there ready to help your little people transition – they have done it so many time’s before and will be prepared for welcoming your child into their classroom in September. The world as we know it is very different right now and things will take some time to change.

Being “school ready” really is so much more than children being able to write their names and know their numbers or shapes. For us at nursery, being school ready is all about ensuring children are able to respond to instructions and are as independent as possible with things like using the toilet, putting their coats, shoes and socks on and opening lunchboxes.

Please do not worry if your child can’t write their name, or know their numbers and sounds. We need to prepare them to be emotionally ready for the transition and then everything else falls into place.

In this very uncertain time let’s ensure children start this transition as the happy little people we know they are ❤️

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