Sarah’s Language Group

Today was the start of our language group with Sarah and Milly – from all the smiles, chatter and laughter when they came back from The Old Girls School I could tell they all enjoyed it. The children in this group will stay the same each week for consistency. Today the focus was listening and attention and the topic was vehicles.

During the session the children:

Sang songs using the music shakers, listening when to stop and start, waiting their turn and listening out for their colour egg.

Turn taking games- feeding the monster which involved waiting for their name to be called and finding the correct picture card to feed to the monster.

What’s in the feely bag? They had to close their eyes and put their hand inside the bag and describe and guess what was inside. ( all guessed correctly so we will be trying a tricky object next week) it was a car this week.

We used describing words for vehicles, fast, slow, colours, big, small, we talked about where vehicles travel, air, track, road, water.

We played ready, steady go with pull back cars. The children had to wait in anticipation for Sarah to call go and let go of their cars.

We then played a hiding game, Sarah hid different vehicles on a tray and covered them up, I then removed one and they had to guess what was missing.

All the children participated, joined in, followed instructions and most of all had lots of fun

We can’t wait for next week.

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