Teacher Appreciation

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Just this week Boris Johnson gave teachers 12 hours notice that they would have to teach their classes remotely.
0 working hours which meant teachers across the country were scrambling to get something organised for the next day in their own time, so that their children didn’t miss out on their education.
In that same week Gavin Williamson has suggested parents should report schools to Ofsted if they feel that the online learning provision is not enough.
I for one would like to praise teachers, this isn’t what they signed up for, and yet they are doing it anyway. They are putting together remote learning plans and adapting their teaching in the blink of an eye.
I know my sons teacher misses the children, misses the teaching that she signed up for and the school as a whole misses that school community feeling.
This is my son this evening – his teacher has in her own time read the class a bedtime story (this is after a full day of teaching, planning, remote learning and preparing home learning packs) She didn’t have to do this, she wanted to because of what the children and teaching mean to her.
I really hope rather than reporting schools, Ofsted is flooded with positive comments acknowledging the wonderful job schools/teachers are doing in these very challenging times.
During this time, teachers have gone to incredible lengths to help their children keep learning. To every teacher around the world, we have two words for you:
Thank you!
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