Transient Art – Art that can be moved

Transient Art
While some of our children went on our weekly visit to Hilltop Care Home this morning we set up a transient art invitation to play for the children who stayed at nursery.

Transient art is non-permanent, constantly evolving and process orientated creativity in action often called movable art or art without the glue.

Its fantastic for those children who do not like the messy craft activities as it gives them different opportunities to be creative.
The children were able to explore, manipulate, experiment and work collaboratively on larger scale pictures.

The children:-
*Explored light through glass stones
*Investigated textures
*Experimented with sounds
*Used different ways of placing items – some children dropped items from different heights while others placed items gently
all whilst creating some beautiful works of art
To see our transient art video head over to our website

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