What A Week

We’ve whizzed through another week at Kirkgate Childcare and what fun we have had. The children have:
Used their senses to explore a dinosaur kingdom and continue to learn new words such as prehistoric, omnivore, herbivore, carnivore, volcano, egg, bone, extinct and skeleton.
Explored size as they used dinosaurs and their own welly prints to look at who had the biggest prints – the children predicted that their wellies would be bigger than the toy dinosaurs but a real dinosaur would have bigger foot prints. The children used lots of language to describe the different sizes big, huge, massive, small, ginormous, tiny.
We have even found dinosaur EGGS in the garden.
Some of the children have safely used tools to create a hedgehog. Woodwork is a fantastic medium for children to express their creativity and imagination.
STEAM activities build creative and critical thinking skills, allows children to ask questions, connect the dots, problem solve and lays the foundations to become the creative innovators of the future.
The STEAM abbreviation means science, technology, engineering, arts and maths.
Our older children have really looked after our younger children this week – we’ve seen new friendships being formed as the older children read stories to the younger ones, teach them a new skill or help them on the climbing equipment outside. We love watching the different age groups interact with each other
Some children have been on a bus to Scotland which inspired conversations about modes of transport, how long it might take to get there and looked at the map to see where Scotland is.
We’ve seen children master the tripod grip and catching a ball.
Children have enjoyed the lycra swing and joined in with developmental movement play sessions.
Developmental Movement Play is an approach which gives opportunities for children to indulge in free-flow, child-led, spontaneous movement play. Attention is given to specific early movement patterns and activities that appear to prompt neurological development; these are innate and occur naturally in all children, given appropriate opportunities.
We are so proud of all your children and you should be too, in a world that is a little bit crazy right now they are showing us the positives in everyday.
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