When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, its our job to share our calm not join their chaos

Now more than ever after more than a year of “COVID life” children need us to be their shelter, their shade, their rock and their roots. They need somewhere to come where they are certain they can find comfort, reassurance, support and have the feeling of safety. We will always be that place ❤️A steady and calm presence in the life of a child brings with it an endless list of benefits, because children learn by observing others, if we can show them calm, we’re also setting them up with an incredible life skill – “don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you” As adults If we can invite some calm into our own life, we’ll gain fresh perspectives, new choices and have more energy. Our anxieties will go down, productivity will go up and we’ll feel a greater sense of overall wellbeing. Just as for children, the list of benefits for us is endless. Plus we’ll ALL just be happier ❤️

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