World Book Day

As you are all aware here at Kirkgate Childcare we don’t put a big emphasis on children/parents having to buy new costumes or feel they have to dress up for events such as World Book Day…. We celebrate over the week so children are invited to come to nursery over the next couple of days dressed up if they wish or bring their favourite story to share with their key group at together time.
Children at Kirkgate Childcare are welcome to dress up for nursery whenever they wish not just for events such as Halloween, Christmas and World Book Day.
Today in red group we had a child come dressed as Tallulah from her favourite book Milo Armadillo, we enjoyed the story at together time then passed Milo round for all the children to give him some love and talked about how it made Milo feel when Tallulah didn’t want him.
In blue group the children enjoyed The Very Hungry Caterpillar story with Sarah after finding caterpillars whilst planting some new flowers with Dawn. The children discussed numbers whilst reading, made predictions about what would happen to the caterpillar and looked at the ones we found in the garden using magnifying glasses.
Were encouraging parents to enjoy the pleasure of reading with their children and share a story on World Book Day….. and every other day. Spending just 10 minutes reading and sharing stories with children can make a crucial difference to their outcomes and its fun for everyone involved.

Don’t forget we also have our book lending library next to the water bottles for you to borrow and share at home with your children.

We would love to see some photos of our children sharing stories at home on our page or you can email them to our designated parent partnership email.


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