We have been absolutely thrilled with choosing this nursery for our daughter.The team always go above and beyond and have helped our daughter to settle into nursery so quickly. E started nursery at 23 months and they quickly got to know her and her interests. They enhance provision areas based on the children’s interests and move the children’s learning forward by their skilful addition of selected resources to complement these interests and work on their next steps.E is very happy to come to nursery and always has so much to say when she comes home. She clearly enjoys coming and her speech is developing so much since starting in September.At pick up and drop off, the team are great at handing over any information, communication between the setting and families has been fantastic. They have shared pictures of E with us and it has been lovely to see her having so much fun whilst learning in Nursery. There is also a closed Facebook group for current parents that you can join and these posts are informative and support parents with their child’s development whilst also sharing photos and videos of the children at work! It is clear that a lot of thought goes into these and as parents, we find this a very valuable resource.We are so thrilled that we became part of the Kirkgate family!
Our daughter recently transferred from another nursery where she was fairly settled. We were a little anxious about moving her but the team have been faultless. They are like one big family and everyone of them cares for each child. They are so passionate and this really shows from their settling in process right through to when the children go to school. The things they manage to do with the children is incredible. I would highly recommend this nursery.
Victoria M
After a first nursery experience of struggling to settle, tears every time for months, and staff who seemed to not know my little boy at all, kirkgate has been an outstanding relief.My little boy settled in a matter of weeks, if that. He LOVES his key workers Holly and Kim, who have been absolutely amazing in getting to know him and his little character, and catering to him as an individual, and clearly genuinely care for and enjoy spending time with him. He has formed lovely bonds with them and everyone else at the nursery.The staff have numerous qualifications (such as speech and language), so it is reassuring if he ever needs help they are able to do so in lots of areas and are very knowledgeable.The free flow environment is perfect for him, he can paint, read stories, play with play doh, sand, water, pretend play and physical movement play as he chooses. It is also free flow outside and inside, and he absolutely loves outdoor play and so he has the autonomy to choose when he wants to go out.They eat with them at lunchtime which is great role modelling and send pack ups back with leftovers in so you know exactly what they've had (as well as snacks).His confidence and speech have come on within months, and he calls them his friends and is excited to go for every session.I honestly think this nursery is one of the best decisions we have made for his childhood and development, I'm so so happy we've found them.
Sarah S
My little girl has been here since the age of 2 and this is her final year. I really struggled to find the right place before being introduced to Kirkgate childcare. I really can not thank all the lovely ladies enough, especially Kim my daughters key person. The nursery has such a welcoming cosy environment and I’m so pleased with my daughters development since starting. We will be very emotional when it’s time to say goodbye in August for big school! Xx
Kirkgate Childcare is a very special place; and we are so privileged that our daughter has had the opportunity to benefit from the Early Years provision, in this outstanding nursery.The staff are so kind and gentle, with the children. They have such knowledge of the children, and show genuine curiosity in each child's interests, giving them each the opportunity to develop in their own way. They give children a voice, to share their thoughts and feelings. They appreciate that each child is unique, and celebrate that.When our daughter started at Kirkgate, she had spent important months of her development in lockdown; and there were some initial tears at starting nursery (from us both!) But I will never forget the compassion of the staff there, and especially my daughter's keyworker at the time. Even in these difficult times, they took so much time to settle her in, gently and with such care. Soon enough she was running in with a huge grin on her face; and I cannot believe how her confidence has grown.My daughter has made so many special memories, and I know there are many more to come. It is such an exciting place, with inspiring role models for children. I can't believe it sometimes when I hear the stories of what they've been doing today (baking bread, trips to the allotment, first aid courses, their own special 'cinema', playing on the 'bus' outside, putting on shows.....)As a parent, all you want is for your child to be happy and well looked after; and nowhere could do that better than Kirkgate.
Emma and Rowan
I cannot recommend this nursery highly enough. Having had experience of 4 other nursery settings before we found them, the Kirkgate team blew me away with their outstanding and refreshing approach to childcare. Not only do the staff nurture and develop each individual child with great professionalism, offering them meaningful learning experiences, but they support them through their emotional and personal growth with care, patience and enthusiasm. The teams early years knowledge and practice is exceptional and the environment stimulating and engaging. The creativity of the activities and enriching visits fill the children with excitement and curiosity. With summer born twins, I was hesitant about their readiness to start school but the Kirkgate team prepared them so well that their transition was a breeze. They skipped trough the school gates knowing exactly what to expect and with a fantastic foundation of learning to springboard them into reception. I sobbed the day they left the setting because I couldn’t articulate to the staff just how grateful I was to them. All any parent wants is to feel that their child is being looked after with the same care and attention as they would get at home and the staff here go above and beyond at every level to see the children smile and grow – it is their passion not just their profession. Thank you
Mrs and Mrs EJ
This nursery is truly excellent. All the staff are so skilled and nurturing and their approach to learning is spot on. My daughter loves going and frequently talks about all the members of staff and how they have been involved in her day, from the ‘together time’s, to the independent play and the days out cooking and exploring and digging at the allotment. Even lunch time with the team is a topic of discussion! The staff bring such different skill sets and personalities to support my daughter as she develops her own little character, building on her strengths and focussing on supporting her through any areas of struggle. My daughter first attended having been in leg braces for most of her first year, so she was a little delayed, weaker and apprehensive In regards to physical movement. The team set focussed sessions to aid her safe development and she excelled within weeks! They have also been exceptional in regards to dealing with her eczema and ever-changing skin care routines. They have recognised where she is demonstrating higher than her age in areas of learning and set challenges to keep her progressing in these areas too. In addition to all this and how much emotional care they give, what we love more than anything, is that they encourage my daughter to think for herself, explore her own questions and actions (and that of others) through play - which at such a young age is invaluable in leading to a very confident, balanced, empathetic and independent little girl. We cannot thank the team enough.
I would highly recommend Kirkgate Childcare. My little boy loves it at nursery, straight away from day one he settled and felt comfortable. All of the staff are in tune to the children’s individual needs, his key worker knows him so well and he loves the relationship he has with her. He is thriving, he is happy and he is encouraged to learn at his own pace. Will definitely be sending my youngest when he is old enough. Privileged to have such a wonderful nursery in the village
Emma L
My daughter has just finished at Kirkgate Childcare to start big school in September and we honestly cannot recommend this little special nursery enough. The care, enrichment and education is outstanding. The staff are so friendly and loved by all the children. She went into nursery with a big smile on her face and came out with an even bigger one! Without a doubt choosing this nursery was one of the best decisions we have made for our daughter. We cannot thank you enough, especially Milly, her Key Person you have given my little girl some very happy memories which I know she will treasure forever!!
Georgie Rose
My daughter had just left Kirkgate childcare ready to start big school in September! I could not recommend this nursery anymore if I tried. The staff go above and beyond and truly care about every child! Nothing is ever too much trouble. They blend play, adventure and education perfectly! My daughter always came home with a biggest smile on her face and full of stories about what she had been up to that day! A special mention to Lucy who was my daughters key person, you’ve helped her make memories, learn new things and grow into the person she is today! Kirkgate is more than a nursery, it’s a family that I’m so glad we were part of
Nicole Victoria
Our son is leaving in 2 weeks and we couldn't leave without sharing our experience. We moved to Sherburn from Halifax and didn't know the area well. We visited a few nurseries but Kirkgate was hands down our favourite and it hasn't disappointed. He settled in immediately and has really enjoyed going. The nursery offers so much including trips to the allotment, baking classes and loads more. He loves being outside and I think one of the best parts has been the ability to spend loads of time outdoors. The staff are amazing, really child focused and always encouraging. I would highly recommend this nursery to anyone thinking of going, thank you to all staff. We will miss you all xx
Angie and Andy
I honestly don’t think words can express how amazing the Kirkgate family is. Choosing a nursery for my twins who had spent their first 3 years of life with me, was so difficult until I walked through the doors at Kirkgate Childcare. The areas are very cleverly worked out with access to everything your child could want with learning opportunities everywhere. My 2 love to play outside and Kirkgate allow the children to play outside and learn all day if they wish, with it being free flow unlike other nurseries I looked at. It is a very personal choice choosing a nursery and deciding what you want and what is best for your child, but the minute I met the team (the family) at Kirkgate I instantly felt knew the children were going to be loved and happy there and my god they were. We have just said our ‘see you again soon’ to everyone as mine are about to embark up big school and I am so happy and excited for the next chapter knowing they are more than ready for it, thanks to Kirkgate childcare amazing care.