Lets talk lunchboxes…..

With lots of new families joining us we thought we would share our lunchbox blog which has helped many parents provide a healthy, well balanced and nutritious lunch as per our healthy eating policy. A healthy balanced diet can develop concentration and high levels of involvement.

One main concern for lots of our parents is fussy eaters but It is extremely common for young children to become fussy with their food or uninterested, they would rather be playing or occupying themselves away from the table.

Understandably, the easy option is to let them eat what they choose because it may seem that anything is better than nothing. However, this can lead to a downward spiral later on, with children liking less and not being interested in trying any new foods. Our lunch times are not rushed, they are calm and fun so it could be the perfect time to introduce a new food or two into your child’s diet.

At Kirkgate Childcare key persons sit and enjoy their lunch with the children, role modelling good eating habits and behaviour whilst engaging in conversation with the children.

We are aware that we have lots of children in setting with varying allergies and they too deserve variety in their lunchboxes, these lunchbox ideas can be adapted to suit differing allergies.

We have experienced children with anaphylaxis allergies and still seen amazing lunchboxes. We have put various things in place to allow them to be involved in our family style meals so we are here to help.

For Example:

Bread – swap bread for alternatives such as wholemeal or seeded bread, bagels, pitta or wraps as this offers variety.

Sandwiches – rather than a sandwich use rolled up sliced meat such as turkey or ham and give it a fun name like “turkey roll ups”

Thermos ideas – soups, pasta with a tomato sauce and added meats like sausage or vegetables. Beans and spaghetti are always a popular choice.

Try different fruits and vegetables – mini cucumbers and cherry tomatoes are favourites among many children.

Serve sliced meats such as salami, ham, turkey with crackers/rice cakes, breadsticks or cracker bread with a hard or soft cheese alongside some vegetable crudités/hummus or berries as a DIY lunchbox.

Sandwich kebabs – thread layers of bread or pitta, sliced meat and vegetables onto fun kebab sticks.

Egg muffins with a variety of meat, vegetable and cheese fillings can be a great alternative.

Different crisps such as lentil chips, veggie straws, hummus chips, popcorn or pretzels can provide variety.

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