Our Amazing Week………..

What an amazing week we have had at Kirkgate Childcare.
The children have been to the Old Girls School to join in with an exercise class, sing songs and play traditional games with the visitors of the memory cafe. We have had a high focus on FUN mathematics due to the childrens interest in the two mathematics aspects of the EYFS. We have observed a wonderful moment of re-enacting past events as a group of children created a camp fire following visiting forest school outside of nursery. We have enjoyed our weekly visit to see our friends at Hilltop Manor Care Home. We have observed lots of sorting using different objects and noticed lots of the children working together to accomplish a task aswell as enjoying lots of together times based around the childrens current interests.
Each and every week we have such magical days and we are blown away by the focus and learning that takes place with the children in our care, this is only a small snippet of our week, we have seen so many wonderful moments and sparks of interest within the week…… far too many to put into one post.
“I am learning to say some number names in sequence”
“I am learning to count beyond 10”
“I am learning to use mathematical language to compare two sets of objects”
“I am beginning to use the language of size”
“I am learning to order objects
“I am learning to talk about people who are important in my life”
“I am learning to start a conversation”
“I am learning to play cooperatively
We hope you all enjoy your extended weekend and we will see you on Tuesday


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