Parent partnership is so important

What an amazing day we have had today embracing the rain….
The children here have access to our outdoor area all day everyday, come rain or shine and today alot of the children have spent the majority of the day outside!
Today we have explored bubbles in a different way using just bottles with a sock attached, washing up liquid and food colouring…………we have made big and small bubbles, engaged in imaginative role play as we became fire breathing dragons and watched what happens if the wind catches the bubbles – Thank you for the idea Mrs H – parent partnership is extremely important to us and we welcome any new ideas or things your children have enjoyed at home.
Our garden is on a slope so we dont get many puddles forming but this didnt stop the children creating their own puddles and adding powder paint to create colour explosions aswell as giving us another learning opportunity when one of the children asked “why does the rain run away?”
The changes in weather gives children opportunites to observe the different things that happen to our environment, ask questions and find the answers to their questions together. Why watch from inside when you can be outside exploring……………… we want to #removethestigmaofoutdoorplayacrossthesector


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