Searching for pumpkins

Some of the children went on an adventure on Tuesday in search of pumpkins, along the way the children had lots of questions for Sarah and Holly:
Where might we find pumpkins?
What can we do with the pumpkins?
Will they be big or small, heavy or light?
What’s inside a pumpkin?
Some children spoke about eating pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup at home and remembered that they had been to pick pumpkins with their family, Sarah and Holly helped the children to find the answers to their questions as they went in search of where they might find pumpkins.
At the shops the children felt the pumpkins and held them to guess the weight, they used the scales to test their theories
and see which one was heaviest and lightest.
Back at nursery the children were very excited to explore the pumpkins using their senses. We examined the outside of the pumpkin, chopped the top off and encouraged the children to explore the inside allowing them to investigate with their hands, eyes, ears, and nose. This made for lots more questions and lines of enquiry between the children and practitioners:
How does it feel?
Is it hard, soft, mushy, slimy?
What does it smell like?
Can you hear anything?
Can we can eat this pumpkin?
Does it remind you of anything else you have smelled or touched before?
What colour is the pumpkin?
What colour are the seeds?
Can we use the magnifying glasses?
Will it break?
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