Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Why is personal, social and emotional development so important to us and your child?

We believe that Personal, social and emotional development (PSED) is the most important of the prime areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) especially for the under threes as it is one of the building blocks of success in life. It supports your child’s development by helping them interact effectively and develop positive attitudes.  This is the age at which your child will learn the skills they need to be able to succeed and be actively involved in the world around them. If your child’s personal social and emotional development is well supported everything else follows which is why at Kirkgate Childcare we are very proud of the steps we take to ensure that we support your child.

Your child needs to feel comfortable, both emotionally and physically, to allow them to learn effectively. Helping your child learn how to regulate and manage their feelings is therefore extremely important for success in learning and in life.

But how do we support your child’s PSED at Kirkgate Childcare?

  • We have good routines which enable your child to feel safe.
  • We talk about and help your child to recognise theirs and others feelings.
  • We will show your child different ways to manage their feelings. By using phrases such as “I can see you are angry, what is making you feel this?”
  • We use a strategy we are very proud of to help children with their emotions and we never over look emotions by saying “stop crying or you’re fine”.
  • We help your child to understand their emotions for the child – I can see your feeling…………….
  • We provide comfort, support and encouragement for your child to work together to find a solution.
  • We use a feelings box and tree to help children become aware of a variety of emotions.
  • We enjoy regular time with our key groups and this is also where we sing our “hello song” which enables children to tell us how they are feeling.
  • We role model.
  • We Talk and listen to your child.
  • We Model things like turn taking, sharing, good ways of speaking to people.
  • We encourage Independence.
  • We have a very strong key person system in place.
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