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26th February 2020

Pancake Day Fun

The children went for a walk to Co-Op today to buy some ingredients for pancakes…………… pancakes were enjoyed by all at snack time this afternoon! Mix a pancake, Stir a pancake, Pop it in the pan; Fry the pancake, Toss […]

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5th February 2020

Letters and sounds

Over the last couple of weeks some of our children have shown lots of interest in letters and sounds, we have followed this interest and have been looking at initial letters and sounds in words such as our names using […]

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24th January 2020

Making predictions and testing ideas

MAKING PREDICTIONS AND TESTING IDEAS One of our amazing children arrived at nursery and had a BIG question for Holly. “How tall are you Holly?” 5ft 7in Holly responded “I think that is 19 trains long Kim” the child replied. […]

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24th October 2019

Searching for pumpkins

Some of the children went on an adventure on Tuesday in search of pumpkins, along the way the children had lots of questions for Sarah and Holly: Where might we find pumpkins? What can we do with the pumpkins? Will […]

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4th October 2019

Coming to a home near you…………. The Everywhere Bear

Everywhere Bear……….. Have you met our Everywhere Bear yet? he will be making an appearance at every child’s house over the year to spend a week with them making memories and going on any family adventures if you wish. He […]

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Settling into nursery life

13th September 2019

Settling into nursery life

Starting nursery can be enormously beneficial for your child and you as a family, it can also be an anxious time too. Here is an insight into what we do to make the process of settling your child into nursery […]

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